Hello! I’m Austyn.

let's get to know one another!

I am a wife, mother, and dream chaser. I will always desire photographing real life and emotion over posed and staged anyday. I document stories of love and celebrate the beauty in the mundane. My lil family and I currently live in a small beach town on California's Central Coast, chasing after sunsets, amazing food, and taking as many adventures together as possible. 

I share a lot about my life on Instagram and here on the blog. If you feel real fancy, I'll be sure to be sharing snippits of my life over on Instagram Stories (anticipate lots of beach driving and sand dune sleding). Come on over and let's be friends!

This page is filled with all the things that make my heart happy and fill up my soul. I lucked out and married one amazing man who is my adventure and dreaming partner. He flies airplanes and accompanies me as my second photographer to most of my weddings. We made two really cute kiddos that our hearts beat for and is behind the why of what we do. If you'd like to get to know us beyond just photos, I share a lot about us here on the blog or come on over and say hello! 

About Austyn