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Last summer I started photographing graduation ceremonies for a college in the metro area. It has been a great filler gig, especially during off-season for weddings, not to mention I get to see a dapper young fellow who happens to teach at the school (my husband). Any who, I was at the school two weeks ago to take some class photos. At the end of the shoot a student approached me in a very nervous demeanor wondering if I would take a special photo of him. I’m pretty sure I gave him a concerned expression. He then said, “I have this,” as he pulled out a piece of paper that read “A.K.A. Will You Marry Me?” I definitely melted a lil. Of course I would take a photo of him proposing to his girlfriend! What photographer wouldn’t?!?

He was hoping to be able to have the photo show up at the end of the slide show that takes place during the graduation ceremony. As I was completely willing to take the photo, I told him he would have to make sure the school would approve, for I was not involved with the slide show in any way.

A few days later I got a call from the school requesting the photo; it was all set and I was ecstatic that I was going to capture this! (And yes, I did feel slightly creepy photographing this young woman without her knowledge.)

This is the image that came up on the screen. Her process of expressions are priceless.


Dominic, you have one beautiful bride on your hands. I wish you both the best in love, marriage and happily ever afters.

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