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You love your images. I love them too. You want to be able to look back on all of them, years down the road, and remember exactly who you were at this moment in time. I know the feeling. That’s why we offer albums to preserve your most cherished memories for a lifetime. Imagine having your favorite images at your fingertips, elegantly preserved in a linen-covered, hardbound, fine art album. Our albums are instant heirlooms that we plan for you to enjoy for so many years to come. 

*** Till 2/5/17 there is a 30% sale! Prices listed do not reflect discounted price.***

Wedding Album Pricing Guide

All albums listed start with 20 spreads, which equates to 40 pages.

12×12 Album: $1600 | Additional Spread: $70 | 90 Images

10×10 Album: $1400 | Additional Spread: $60 | 70 Images

8×8 Album: $1200 | Additional Spread: $50 | 50 Images

6X9 Vertical Album: $1200 | Additional Spread: $50 | 40 Images


Family, Engagement or Parent

Album Pricing Guide

All albums listed start with 10 spreads, which equates to 20 pages.

10×10 Album: $850 | Additional Spread: $60 | 30 Images

8×8 Album: $800 | Additional Spread: $50 | 20 Images

6X9 Vertical Album: $750 | Additional Spread: $50 | 20 Images


Additional Add-Ons

Book Jacket: $100 | Half Jacket: $60 | Front Image in Pocket Window aka “Cameo”: $50


The Process

  1. Choose which album you’d like and begin to collect the images using your Pixiset gallery. Create a “favorites” list for your Album. Up to 40 images for a 6×9, up to 50 images for an 8×8, up to 70 images for a 10×10, up to 90 images for a 12×12.
  2. Once collected, shoot me an email letting me know you’ve decided.  *If you are having issues narrowing down your selection, visit the FAQ.
  3. You can expect an email within 5 days with your initial draft of your album.
  4. Submit any revisions you may want on your initial album draft. You are allowed one free revision. Any additional will be a $40 per additional album revision.
  5. Expect an email within 4 days with your final draft.
  6. Confirm the album design + make final payment.
  7. Albums will be completed within four weeks and begin it’s transit to your lovely hands!

A 50% payment is due at the initial time of ordering. Remaining balance is due with your confirmation of your album design.


I am having a horrible time narrowing down our photos! What are our options?

  1. You can go ahead and send me your huge list. My designer and I will go through your photos and narrow them down for you, making sure to tell your wedding story best.
  2. We can split your list into two separate albums. Such as one could be of portraits, while the other tells the overall story of the day.
  3. We can add additional spreads onto your album. Note however the maximum spread count is 25.

I would like to order a duplicate album for my parents. What is the cost?

For duplicate albums we offer 30% off. Please note however, duplicate album means the albums are exactly the same. No photo changes, no design changes. If you would like to swap out some photos or change up the design, see question below.

I would like to order a parent album. What would you recommend?

I recommend either the 8×8 or the 9×6 album for parent albums (unless you think they would like a larger size). The price is listed above, however if ordered along with a wedding album, take 20% off each additional album you order.

What are the album color options? 

See the image below. We think they’re pretty.

Linen Cover Options



When you are ready to order or if you have any questions, shoot me an email!

* All prices good through January 2018