Frame Collections

To tell your complete story, we believe that photographs should be shown in groupings. Our Wall Gallery Collections are designed to do just that: illustrate the complete narrative of your wedding or family through a harmonious display that complements your decor, rather than competing with it. Our Wall Gallery Collections frame your images in an expert array of sizes and shapes, perfect for displaying your experience in a modular, scalable arrangement.

Whether your style is classic, modern, beachy, or rustic, we carry a Wall Gallery whose aesthetic reflects yours. From traditionally ordered straight lines to delightfully quirky asymmetry, our Wall Galleries are a starting point for creating your own collection of frames. Add more frames from our à-la-carte offerings for a completely custom arrangement!

Bottom line: why choose between your favorite images when you can have them all?

Classic and clean, Collection 1 frames one square and two vertical images in a simple showpiece arrangement.


(2) 16×20 | (1) 20×20 (matted images, as shown)

(2) 20×24 | (1) 24×24 (full frame images, without mats, fills frame)

Overall Gallery Size: 67”w x 24”h   |   COST: $700


Deck your walls and your desk with this 6 piece arrangement, which gives four vertical wall images equal treatment, and adds two smaller images for a tabletop centerpiece.


(4) 11×14 | (1) 5×7 | (1) 4×6 (matted images)

(4) 16×20 | (1) 8×10 | (1) 5×7 (full frame images)

Overall Gallery Size: 41.5”w x 49.5”h   |   COST: $825

Make a bold statement with this 6 piece collection, which alternates horizontal and square images in a modern configuration.


(3) 10×20 | (3) 20×20

Overall Gallery Size: 63”w x 31.5”h   |   COST: $1000

Add to this asymmetric and modular 8 piece arrangement with future session images for a dynamic, contemporary display.


(2) 11×14 | (2) 8×10 | (4) 5×7 (matted images)

(2) 16×20 | (2) 11×14 | (4) 8×10 (full frame images)

Overall Gallery Size: 52.5”w x 26.5”h   |   COST: $750

Embrace geometric symmetry with this arrangement, which can be displayed as a perfect square or rearranged into a horizontal configuration to line a hallway.


(2) 16×20 | (2) 11×14 (matted images)

(2) 20×24 | (2) 16×20 (full frame images)

Overall Gallery Size: 41.5”w x 41.5”h   |   COST: $750